2020 Naija Zoom Freak 2 - 2020 Naija Zoom Freak 2 Release Date

2020 Naija Zoom Freak 2 Release Date

Zoom Freak 2 “Naija” is one of many Zoom Freak 2 colorways to be released this season. In Nigeria (the hometown of Giannis’ parents), unlimited potential, youthful vigor and appealing charm inspire national pride. Football is seen as the combined force of these passions, providing Nigerians with a channel for self-expression. Giannis’ late father, Charles, kept in touch with his sons through exquisite competitions, further enhancing Giannis’ enthusiasm for the sport.
By decorating the silhouette with the same colors and textures as the uniform of the Nigerian national team, this respect is expressed to people. The result perfectly embodies Naija’s spirit: bold, fast, fun and stylish.
Look for the Nike Zoom Freak 2 “Naija”, which will be on sale at designated retailers and Avasuit.com on July 25.
2020 Naija Zoom Freak 2
Style Code: DA0907-002
Release Date: July 25, 2020

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